“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

The dedicated headteacher, supported effectively by well informed senior leaders, is making an immense impact on improving the school - OFSTED 2014

Year 7 Catch-up Funding

The DFE provides additional funding to schools for each year 7 pupil who achieved a Level 3 in reading and/or maths at Key Stage 2. This funding is not ring-fenced, however there is an expectation that pupils are given the support required to ensure they are more likely to succeed at secondary school.

We have used our catch up funding in order to extend out after school reading and homework clubs and to employ staff who will deliver catch up to our Year 7's who are working at this level in literacy.

Funding for 2016-17

The funding level is to remain the same as 2015-16, increased or decreased in proportion to the size of the Year 7 cohort, we expect to receive £18,500.

Use of the funding in 2015-16

For Academic year 2015-16 we received 'Catch-up' funding of £19,500

Year 7 Students (2020 cohort of 185) level 3 for English on entry September 2015 19 students (3 below; 13 no data)

Issue Action Impact
19 students spread across 7 teaching groups in need of targeted action accelerate progress
  • Use of verbal and written feedback to increase progress in lessons
  • Guided group work to target areas of weakness in lessons
  • Regular assessment and monitoring of progress of target students
  • Use of repetition and reinforcement strategies in lessons and for homework to secure basic literacy requirements for target students
4 students still LTEP and requiring follow up into Year 8; 4 students WTEP and therefore still monitored to Christmas of Year 8; 7 students EP and 4 students MTEP. This is equal to 58% of target students achieving level 4. NB: 75% of those students still at level 3 were male and this will be a further focus in the cming year