“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

Achievement is good. Students make good progress - OFSTED 2014

Year and Tutor Groups


Year 7

7TH W1 Mr. T. Heaney
7SHA W5 Mrs. S. Hadden
7HCU MU1 Mrs. H. Curry/ Mr. T. McLoughlin
7HCA W6 Mrs. H. Caton/ Mrs. T. Day
7PL W3 Mrs. P. Logan
7CR W2 Miss. C. Redfern
7FOL W4 Mr. F. Olubodun

Head of Year: Miss. V. Gray

Attached Staff: Mrs. T. Day


Year 8

8CW M10 Mrs. C. Whittingham/ Ms. P. Hall
8DD W9 Mrs. D. Durose
8ES M9 Miss. E. Shipman
8KS M5 Ms. K. Sergent/ Mr. F. Belmore
8RGA W7 Mr. R. Gardener/ Miss R. Mumtaz
8SA W8 Miss. S. Sargeant
8RT M1 Mr. R. Temple/ Mrs. S. Deacon

Head of Year: Mrs. E. Challand

Head of Key Stage: Mr. A Featherstone


Year 9

9CJ M2 Miss. C. Jackson/ Mr. M. Rakhra
9CS M4 Miss. C. Sergeant
9LS IT5 Mrs. L. Slater/ Mr. R. Cutts
9MBI IT1 Mr. M. Birt
9SSC IT4 Ms. S. Scoffings
9TFR M3 Mrs. French

Head of Year: Ms. G. Morley

Head of Key Stage: Mr. A. Featherstone


Year 10

10ABN E8 Mrs. A. Bentley
10BP LN1 Miss. B. Patel/ Mr. A. Cantrill
10DHU LN3 Mr. D. Hutchinson
10JT S2 Mr. J. Turner
10MBA S1 Mrs. M. Bathurst/ Mr. M. Cook
10NS LN4 Miss. N. Singha

Head of Year & Key Stage: Mrs. H. Crowfoot


Year 11

11GA E7 Mr. G. Astles
11HW E6 Miss. H. Whalley
11JWO E2 Miss. J. Woolley/ Miss. L. Allen
11LD E3 Miss. L. Dodd
11RGI E1 Miss. R. Gaillard
11SK E4 Ms. S. Kaur
11SM AD1 Mr. S. Moore

Head of Year: Miss. L. Robinson

Head of Key Stage: Mrs. H. Crowfoot