“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

The dedicated headteacher, supported effectively by well informed senior leaders, is making an immense impact on improving the school - OFSTED 2014

Year and Tutor Groups


Year 7

7TH W1 Mr. T. Heaney
7SHA W5 Mrs. S. Hadden
7HCU MU1 Mrs. H. Curry/ Mr. T. McLoughlin
7HCA W6 Mrs. H. Caton/ Mrs. T. Day
7PL W3 Mrs. P. Logan
7CR W2 Miss. C. Redfern
7FOL W4 Mr. F. Olubodun

Head of Year: Miss. V. Gray

Attached Staff: Mrs. T. Day


Year 8

8CW M10 Mrs. C. Whittingham/ Ms. P. Hall
8DD W9 Mrs. D. Durose
8ES M9 Miss. E. Shipman
8KS M5 Ms. K. Sergent/ Mr. F. Belmore
8RGA W7 Mr. R. Gardener/ Miss R. Mumtaz
8SA W8 Miss. S. Sargeant
8RT M1 Mr. R. Temple/ Mrs. S. Deacon

Head of Year: Mrs. E. Challand

Head of Key Stage: Mr. A Featherstone


Year 9

9CJ M2 Miss. C. Jackson/ Mr. M. Rakhra
9CS M4 Miss. C. Sergeant
9LS IT5 Mrs. L. Slater/ Mr. R. Cutts
9MBI IT1 Mr. M. Birt
9SSC IT4 Ms. S. Scoffings
9TFR M3 Mrs. French

Head of Year: Ms. G. Morley

Head of Key Stage: Mr. A. Featherstone


Year 10

10ABN E8 Mrs. A. Bentley
10BP LN1 Miss. B. Patel/ Mr. A. Cantrill
10DHU LN3 Mr. D. Hutchinson
10JT S2 Mr. J. Turner
10MBA S1 Mrs. M. Bathurst/ Mr. M. Cook
10NS LN4 Miss. N. Singha

Head of Year & Key Stage: Mrs. H. Crowfoot


Year 11

11GA E7 Mr. G. Astles
11HW E6 Miss. H. Whalley
11JWO E2 Miss. J. Woolley/ Miss. L. Allen
11LD E3 Miss. L. Dodd
11RGI E1 Miss. R. Gaillard
11SK E4 Ms. S. Kaur
11SM AD1 Mr. S. Moore

Head of Year: Miss. L. Robinson

Head of Key Stage: Mrs. H. Crowfoot