“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

School leaders are relentless in their ambition to raise achievement - OFSTED 2014



We consider it is important that praise and rewards should have a considerable emphasis within school and students will thus achieve recognition for a positive contribution to school life. Such a contribution includes sound academic work and effort, good behaviour and adherence to the code of conduct. The attention of our school should not be limited to those whose academic work is outstanding or to those whose behaviour is consistently poor. It is expected that good standards of behaviour will be encouraged through the consistent application of our code of conduct supported by a balanced combination of rewards and sanctions within a constructive school ethos. It is important to develop and maintain consistency in the application of the reward system.



· To develop a consistent pattern of rewards, which are known, understood and agreed to by all.

· To support the Code of Conduct.


This will be achieved in the following ways:

1. To distinguish between informal rewards (such as giving praise for appropriate behaviour in and outside the classroom) and formal rewards such for agreed aspects of school life.

2. Departments should consider how rewards need to be differentiated for different age groups. Students may also be consulted.

Examples of informal rewards which staff are encouraged to use for academic achievement, appropriate behaviour and outstanding effort include:

· General praise and encouragement in lessons, which should be used as much as possible

· The Head Teacher or other appropriate members of senior staff to be invited to praise individuals, groups or classes and being invited into classrooms as appropriate

· Recognition to be given to success of differing kinds in assemblies or in form time.

· Students' work to be displayed as much as possible in order to give recognition to it.

· A letter home to parents to be used more frequently covering a wide variety of academic and non-academic achievements.

· Praise certificates and postcards of praise.

Formal rewards which staff are encouraged to use for academic achievement, appropriate behaviour and outstanding effort include:

Whole school rewards system:-

- Students are issued an individualised sticker which is used to register points on their home page account at www.mystickers.co.uk (http://www.mystickers.co.uk/)

-Stickers are each an entry into a half termly prize draw

- Stickers are awarded in lessons for students who have made academic progress relative to their ability.

- Stickers are rewarded pastorally for students who demonstrate desirable behaviour e.g. punctuality, having planners regularly signed, good uniform.

- Stickers are rewarded on Enrichment Days for effort and participation exceeding that of others.

- Stickers are rewarded by SLT for students who represent the school, engage in extra curricular activities, make excellent academic progress, demonstrate desirable behaviour around the school.

- Stickers are limited to an allocated ratio of 1 per lesson, staff are able to reward these as they think appropriate. This is designed to add value to the reward.

Other forms of Whole School awards:-

- Praise Certificates

- Subject Specific Certificates

- Letters home

Attendance awards:-

- 100% attendance Certificates (Termly and annually)

- Invitation to the attendance rewards trip

- Individual student progress awards

Celebration Evening

- Recognition of achievement - Academic, Sport, Performing Arts and Service in the Community. (Including Trophies, Prizes and Certificates)