Mission Statement

At Murray Park School, we recognise and value the worth of all our pupils. We believe that every pupil can learn and grow to become young adults that contribute positively to society. We consider it is important that praise and rewards should have a considerable emphasis within school and students will thus achieve recognition for a positive contribution to school life. Such a contribution includes sound academic work and effort, good behaviour and adherence to the code of conduct. It is expected that good standards of behaviour will be encouraged through the consistent application of our code of conduct supported by a balanced combination of rewards and sanctions within a constructive school ethos. Our focus is on developing young people to have a positive and robust mindset that primes them for achieving success throughout their entire life.

The aims of the reward system is to:

  • raise aspirations and promote a positive ethos of success and achievement that is accessible to all students
  • increase students’ self-esteem through consistent and positive recognition
  • enable and support pupils in developing the skills and attitudes required to meet the challenges of adult life
  • encourage all students to make progress in their studies and to give opportunities for all students to be recognised for their successes
  • promote good attendance
  • clearly describe different stages of praise and rewards the school will offer
  • ensure a consistent and desirable pattern of rewards which are known, understood and agreed to by all
  • promote desirable behaviour amongst students and support them in adhering to the school’s Code of Conduct.

Rewarding Achievement

Pupils at Murray Park School are praised in a variety of ways:

  • Formally: Learner of the Week, certificates, reward trips, public displays of work, articles in the school newsletter, through the SIMs system etc.
  • Informally: verbally in and out of lesson, written on work, in assemblies, displaying work, contact with parents/carers, etc.

This policy will bring together all aspects of school life; pastoral, academic, extra-curricular and social. Students will be rewarded through a points based system, designed to encourage and promote opportunities for all pupils to grow. All pupils will earn Achievement Points that will be assigned using the SIMs program and will be regularly monitored, tracked and reviewed.

Achievement Points

The following table describes some of the ways that pupils can earn achievement points:

Points Action....
1 Being punctual to registration, wearing the correct uniform and having the required equipment for the day
1 Attending lesson, behaving well and showing commitment to their learning
2 Attending an extra-curricular activity i.e. sports club, afterschool revision session, performance evenings, etc.
2 Representing their community by taking part in Community based competitions
5 Winning a community based competition
5 Being nominated as a Learner of the Week
15 Awarded each half term to pupils who have 95+% attendance
15 Awarded each half term to all pupils with no more than 1 detention
20 Pupils who are recognised by staff for doing something 'above and beyond'
20 Awarded to pupils who represent the school in external events and competitions
25 Awarded to pupils who demonstrate excellent achievement outside of school
30 Awarded each half term at the discretion of the Head of Year and Head of Subject for recognising individual pupils
40 Awarded each half term at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team for recognising individual pupils
50 Awarded each half term at the discretion of the Head Teacher for recognising individual pupils

The Achievement Points earned by pupils will trigger a variety of reward opportunities ranging from:

  • Praise texts home
  • Recognition in assemblies/ newsletters/ school website/ displays etc.
  • Non-uniform days
  • Small prizes such as stationary/ sweets/ etc.
  • Queue jump at break and lunchtime for 1 week
  • Leave 5 minutes early
  • Praise Breakfasts or Movie Afternoons
  • Gift vouchers
  • Invitation to celebration evenings
  • Invitation to rewards trips

Other reward opportunities may also be offered throughout the year.

Pupils will be regularly updated with their total achievement points through tutor time in the mornings. Highest achieving pupils will be displayed and celebrated. Pupils who struggle to accumulate points will also be discretely challenged and encouraged to actively participate.

Attendance Rewards Trips

These are designed to reward students who have demonstrated excellent attendance and behaviour over the course of a term with an opportunity to participate in a specific trip or activity. The venues are selected and the trips organised by a designated Head of Year. Upon receipt of an invitation pupils are still required to pay for the cost of the activity. The criteria under which an invitation will be extended to students are

  • Pupils are chosen by their Head of Year for having fulfilled the criteria of 95%+ attendance in a given term
  • A pupil will not have received more than three Sleuth incident reports in a given term
  • A pupil will not have been placed on any form of pastoral or subject report at any time during a given term
  • A pupil will not have been referred to the Internal Exclusion Unit at any time during a given term or will have been served a fixed term exclusion

Pupils are invited to participate in the Rewards Trips by letter which requires a signed parental response.

Celebration Evening

This is an annual opportunity to invite pupils to a celebration of their achievements at a formal awards ceremony attended by pupils, parents, staff and members of the governing body. Pupils are invited to attend the ceremony in recognition of their achievements and to be publicly awarded. Nominations are made by subject leaders and Heads of Year which celebrate outstanding achievement in a number of areas; Academic, Sports, Performing Arts and Service in the Community. The rewards include public recognition at a formal ceremony, certificates, prizes and trophies.