Extra Curricular Clubs

Club Name
Year Group
Teacher IC
Geography Eco- committee All Wed 3pm Miss Barker and Mrs Goddard W2
History Model United Nations All Mon 3pm Mr Hynman LN3
History Debate Club All Wed Lunch Mr Hynman LN3
History History Club All Wed 3pm Mr. Hutchings LN2
Languages French Café All Thurs Lunch Mr Walker W7
Maths KS4 – Maths Drop-in Higher 9, 10 and 11 Fri 3pm Miss Patel, Mr Bee and Mr Birt M9
Maths KS4 – Maths Drop-in Foundation 9, 10 and 11 Fri 3pm Miss Dodd and Mr Cutts M1
Music Piano Skills All Mon 3pm Mr Webster Mu2 & Practice rooms
Pastoral Film club 7 Wed Lunch Mrs Day W3
Pastoral Craft Club 7 Thurs Lunch Mrs Day W3
Pastoral Games Club 7 Fri Lunch Mrs Day W3
PE Benchball/Netball All Weds 3pm Miss Sergeant/Mrs Caton Sports Hall
PE Competitive Badminton All  Fri 3pm Mrs Hollins/ Miss Sergeant Sports Hall
PE Handball All  Thurs 3pm Mr Holland Sports Hall
PE Indoor Games All Fri Lunch Mr Hutchison and Mrs Hollins Sports Hall 
PE Table Tennis All Everyday Lunch Mr Green and Mr Holland Activity Deck
PE Recreational Badminton Various Mon - Thurs Lunch Mr Hutchison + Others Sports Hall
PE Football 7 Wed 3pm Mr Gregory Field
PE Football 8 Tues 3pm Mr Holland Field
PE Football 9 Wed  3pm Mr Green Field
PE Football 10 Thurs 3pm Mr Birt Field
PE Girls Indoor Football All Thurs  3pm Miss Sergeant Sports Hall
Science Key stage3 intervention 7, 8 & 9 Thurs Lunch Mrs Singha S5
Science STEM 7, 8 & 9 Wed Lunch Mrs Singha S5
Textiles GCSE catch up 10 & 11 Wed & Fri Lunch Miss Casey AD3
Textiles GCSE catch up 10 & 11 Mon & Wed 3 - 5pm Miss Casey AD3

*Venues, times and staff may change. Please Speak to Staff for more information.

*Some activities relate to the curriculum being taught.