“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

School leaders are relentless in their ambition to raise achievement - OFSTED 2014

Extra Curricular Clubs

Club Name
Year Group
Teacher IC
Art Art Club All Mon After School Mr Moore AD1
Aspirations Run and Read 7 Tues, Thurs 8:15 - 9:00 Mr Taylor RM 26 and Sports Hall
Computing Code Club 7, 8,9 Wed Lunch Mr Gardner IT3
Drama Drama Club 9 Mon After School Mrs French D. Studio
Drama Drama Club 7 + 8 Turs After School Mrs French D. Studio
English Writing Club All Tues Lunch Miss Redfearn E5
English Debate Club All Wed Lunch Mrs Hubbard E3
English Reading Club All Thurs Lunch Mrs Hodgetts Library
English Film Club All Wed Lunch Miss Redfearn E5
General Homework Breakfast All All 8:10 - 8:30 Various Library
General Homework Club All All Lunch + After School Various Library
History History Club 7 Wed Lunch Miss Sargeant W2
History History Support 11 Wed After School Miss Sargeant W2
ICT Coursework 10 Wed After School Miss Whalley IT5
Maths Higher Maths 10 Wed After School Miss Dodd M4
Maths Foundation 9 Thurs After School Mr Featherstone M5
Music Choir All Mon Lunch + After School Miss Shipman MU1
PE Table Tennis 9 Fri After School Mr Gregory Woodlands
PE Badminton All Fri After School Mrs Hollins Sports Hall
PE Athletics All Mon After School Mr Hutchison Top Field
PE Tennis 9 + 10 Fri After School Mr Gregory Top Courts
PE Dance + Gym 8 Thurs After School Miss Williams A. Deck
PE Baseball / Softball 7 Tues After School Mr Green Outside
PE Baseball / Softball 8, 9, 10 Wed After School Mr Gregory Outside
PE Rounders All Wed + Thurs After School KSG / HCA Outside
Photography Photo Club 10 + 11 Thurs After School Mr Gardner IT3
Product Design Coursework Catchup 10 Mon After School Mr Cannell DT Block
Resistant Materials Practical Workshop 10 Wed After School Mr Cantrill DT Block
Science STEM Club 7, 8, 9 Wed After School Miss Williams S1
Textiles The Sew & Sew's 7, 8, 9 Tues Lunch Mrs Scoffings Textiles
Textiles Practical Skills 10 Fri After School Mrs S. Scoffings Textiles
World Studies Duke of Edinburgh 9 Thurs After School Mrs Harrison W3
*Venues, times and staff may change. Please Speak to Staff for more information.