“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

Students make rapid progress and achieve well - OFSTED 2014

A Brief History of the School


Employability Skills

At Murray Park we place a strong emphasis on ensuring our students are not only qualified but equipped for the world of work. The success of this strategy is evidenced in our year-onyear low NEET figures. Our programme includes:

  • Prioritisation of development of literacy and numeracy skills, in English and Maths lessons but also applied and re-enforced across all aspects of the taught and hidden curriculum.
  • Students for whom English is an additional language (EAL) receive extra support from our EAL co-ordinator.
  • Maths and English Raising the Grade sessions at University of Derby
  • Broad balanced curriculum with good range of guided options at KS4 allowing students to pursue appropriate courses including full range of traditional academic (EBACC), vocational and skills based qualifications. Post 16 Evening/College visits for targeted students
  • Work experience for all students in Year 10
  • Mock interviews for all students in KS4 with local employers
  • One to One Careers Guidance interviews
  • A range of trips and events with local universities in order to raise awareness of these pathways.
  • Enrichment and enterprise activities with local employers including Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Toyota, Derby Royal Hospital
  • Careers Mark approved programme of careers guidance from Year 8 to Year 11. Currently only delivered in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 (through Tutor Time)
  • Developing STEM programme and CREST awards programme
  • Training provider event to support a range of our students requirements
  • British Airways Language Flag Award to raise profile of need for Languages in Business
  • Business Language Champions to encourage international business links
  • Enrichment programme that supports these initiatives
  • Sports Leadership qualification
  • Employability skills – Role of TY – PP – Raising Aspirations and Achievement Coordinator – Careers Guidance – specific support 16-19 transition
  • Students compete annually in Derby City Public Speaking competition

Life skills

Whilst preparation for work is important, much of our life is spent away from work and at Murray Park we believe it is important to prepare our young people to make good use of their leisure time and to be able to live healthy, safe, confident and independent adult lives. We prepare our young people for life beyond work through:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education which educates all students about personal safety, health and hygiene, sex, relationships, drugs, alcohol, careers, politics, money management, equal opportunities, discrimination and the law
  • All students are taught about basic food preparation, hygiene, diet and nutrition and the skills to cook healthy meals
  • A rich cultural programme including music, drama, dance and art within the taught curriculum and extensive extra -curricular cultural activities including theatre and gallery visits, a number of bands and annual school production.
  • All students have 2 hours of physical education and a full programme of extracurricular sports are offered with a number of teams and individual entered into local, regional and national competitions, plus an annual school sports day is held
  • Promotion of reading for pleasure through events in form time and English lessons and other some extracurricular session work (e.g. running and reading club, enrichment days)
  • EAL co-ordinator supports students who are new to Britain with the support they need to become confident and positive British Citizens. Breakfast Clubs
  • Integration Induction programme for all new students.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award, Arts Award and Lifeskills Award at KS4
  • National Citizenship Service for Year 11 over the summer
  • Peer Mentoring – Music tuition
  • Peripatetic tuition offered across as range of instruments
  • Healthy living – food and drink of different countries