“Our vision is nothing less than realising the full potential of every single student at Murray Park.” “At Murray Park we will enrich the lives of our students through a focus on learning and a diverse curriculum delivered by inspirational staff. We aim to be an outstanding school, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community.”

Teaching is typically ‘good’ and in some places ‘outstanding’ - OFSTED 2014

Thinking Of a Particular Career?

If you have a particular career in mind that you think you might like to do in the future there is lots of help available both online and in the school career library in the Library, ask the staff for help!

  • The Working in... series of books give an idea of the skills and qualifications you will need for particular careers and also include profiles of people currently doing the job.
  • The PlotrNational Careers and Fast Tomato websites gives you information about work activities, approximate pay scales and the type of skills and qualifications required for different careers
  • Careers Box can even show you video diaries of people in different jobs- if you are a visual learner or just want to get a flavour of what the occupation you are thinking of is really like....this is the site for you!
  • Plotr - Discover and explore exciting careers, Play the Game, explore careers matched to you and find out what you could be great at.