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Welcome from the


Thank you for your interest in Murray Park School.

On behalf of staff, students and governors, I would

like to offer a warm welcome and the hope that this

brochure provides an insight into the values and

achievements which make this school so special.

I believe thatMurrayParkoffersauniqueexperience

to our learners and their families. The school is big

enough to allow a rich and diverse curriculum, but

small enough for every child to be known as a real

individual. Through knowing every child, we are

able to truly address both their strengths and their

potential and help them to achieve their academic,

sporting and personal potential. Indeed, visitors

and inspection teams have repeatedly commented

on the remarkable levels of commitment and

individual attention given to students by the

staff. This personal concern is coupled with high

expectations in all areas of school life. We expect

every student to do their best and every member

of staff to provide excellent teaching, care and


The job of the school is to prepare young people

for the adult world. At Murray Park we provide a

nurturing and supportive environment in which

children not only achieve academic excellence,

but also develop the skills and attitudes which

will enable them to become successful and happy


We recognise that prospective students and their

families want to know as much about the school as

possible. On the following pages we have included

some of the important information about Murray

Park, although you can find out more about our

school by visiting our website. If you would like to

request more information or arrange a visit to the

school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to meeting you.

Martyn Owen


“We believe that school should

provide good memories that

last a lifetime.”

‘Murray Park is a GOOD


Ofsted June 2014